Party: Wolfgang Gartner

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Party: Wolfgang Gartner

Prive Nightclub is Atlanta's newest Mega Club formerly Primal Nightclub.

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Wolfgang Gartner

“I have to make something that’s never been made before; have to make the best thing that I’ve ever done in my life - otherwise it gets stagnant or worse,” says producer/DJ Wolfgang Gartner. Whether or not his progressively more maximilist take on electro-house is your bag or not, you have to respect his exponentially steep rise through the electro-house ranks. And Lord knows, you’ve heard it -- or about it: flipping Beethoven’s 5th for the 4 am crowd; eight #1 tracks on Beatport; remix/collabs with Britney Spears, Timbaland and Black Eyed Peas; festival-highlight performances at Coachella ‘10 and Electric Daisy Carnival’s ‘10 and ‘11.

Where Joey Youngman, the one-time party kid from San Luis Obispo, CA and another-time househead old soul, has been electro-house’s dark (work) horse, Weekend in America, his debut full-length for Ultra Music, is Wolfgang Gartner becoming dance music’s one-man parallel universe, outpacing electro-house and outdoing himself.

“One of my mantras is that I have a responsibility to advance the genre. If I’m capable of doing something I’ve never done before, I feel like I have to use that ability, because there are not many people who do - or can. I have to push myself real real hard to do it. That’s something that’s really surfaced with this record,” he admits. Gartner’s work ethic is mythical amongst even his most storied contemporaries: Make music all week. Play it out all weekend. His DJ sets - and this speaks to a combination of prolificness, personal taste and a proven track record - are almost entirely made up of edits of his own work. Then again, when you spend 20 hours a day working on music...

Catch Wolfgang Gartner destroy Atlanta's #1 dance floor March 8th! #privesaturdays


PRIVE just finished a Multimillion Dollar Renovation of the 17,000 sq ft venue. We have three unique environments which includes a rooftop patio!

Valet parking available and self parking are available in the adjacent lots!

WE boasts an LED DJ Booth with the most powerful sound and lighting shows in the Southeast! Prepare to blown away by evolution of Atlanta Nightlife!

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Atlanta,Ga 30309

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